Organization Structure & Design.

At Silicon Consulting Limited we understand Organizational Structure design and review in all its facets including the review process, redesign and implementation.

We help our clients in the process of re-design or reviewing their organization structure to ensure key objectives are aligned with the Organizations Mission and Vision, we adhere to key elements and methodologies in addressing the situation at hand by:-

  • Work with senior management to define or confirm organization direction and strategy.
  • Partner with internal resources to ensure transfer of learning.
  • Interview key stakeholders to establish the perceived and actual role responsibilities and working relationships.
  • Produce a diagram of current roles and management layers.
  • Provide training and capacity building on necessary concepts and underlying principles.
  • Write a report outlining the key issues and describing options for realignment.
  • Work with the top team and Senior management  to
    • Develop a clear, unambiguous structure for the top three levels.
    • Develop role descriptions for the top team.
    • Ensure understanding of roles and accountabilities.
    • Clarify decision-making authorities.