Organization Capacity Assessment.

We help and support our clients to conduct Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) from tool design to technical assistance priorities. Silicon’s methodology to OCA is highly participatory to ensure client’s objectives are met:


Organizational capacity assessment (OCA) methodology is a comprehensive and highly participatory approach to achieving organizational change, learning and development. OCA supports organizations to measure their performance, prioritize organizational challenges, and implement improvement strategies. Key activities that comprise OCA are:

  • Participatory tool design that empowers organizations to define the critical success factors that influence their performance, and to identify relevant indicators for evaluating their competency.
  • Guided self-assessment that leads employees, board members, and constituents through structured discussions followed by individual scoring on a series of rigorous performance indicators.
  • Data-guided action planning that provides organizations with an opportunity to interpret the self-assessment data and set change strategies most appropriate to their environment.
  • Reassessment for continual learning that allows organizations to monitor change, track the effectiveness of their capacity-building efforts, and integrate new learning as their needs change and capabilities increase.

OCA “ROI” Proposition:-

  • To promote organizational learning or accountability
  • To maximize the effectiveness and impact of programs or services
  • To complement strategic planning processes
  • To increase organizational efficiency