Job Evaluation and Analysis.

Job Analysis is the Process of defining a job in terms of its component tasks or duties and the knowledge or skills required to perform them. This exercise is vital to success of human resource functions and provisions of a legal foothold for organizations to defend themselves against employment-related litigation.

We help our clients in performing job analysis as par their defined objectives and requirements, at Silicon we understand that the Job analysis aimed at delivering key products to organizations as highlighted hereunder:-

• Job Description – Written statement about what job holder actually does, how, and why. This product is used to specify the task requirements.

• Job Specifications – Delineate the KSAOs that seem necessary for job. This product is used to specify the people requirements.

• Job Evaluation – Determine the worth of a job and hence used to establish compensation rates within organization

We help and support our clients in realizing these objectives efficiently and effectively while adhering to surrounding legal and regulatory issues, policies and procedures governing labour relations from local to Global perspectives.