Performance Management System.

This is a capability-based approach to monitoring & evaluation (M&E)

SILICON assists organization in designing and implementing a performance management system to ensure performance happens by design and not by chance. This involves a systematic process where the organization involves its employees in improving organizational effectiveness by focusing them on achieving the organization’s mission and strategic goals.

The performance management system is a tool to implement a strategy. It is a useful tool to communicate organizational goals and objectives, reinforce individual accountability for meeting those goals, track individual and organizational performance results. It involves the three stages of planning, coaching and reviews.


Performance Management System that includes:

  • Performance Plans – KPI & Data Dictionary
  • A Coaching system
  • A Performance review form
  • Linkage to relevant HR systems

Our Approach:

We follow a step by step approach

  • Study the business needs
  • Study the organizational vision, mission and values
  • Clarify organizational objectives and strategic plan
  • Develop Organizational/Departmental KPI
  • Develop Data Dictionary
  • Develop Appraisal system
  • Facilitate training for PMS implementation


    SILICON has the primary training toolkit organized into modules for flexible training.