ICT Procurement Advisory and Outsourcing.

We support Information and Communication Technology (ICT) procurement advisory for off-the-shelf software and hardware investments made by companies and align them to the business strategy of the client company.  Technology is not common for all and is not about financial capability but it needs to be evaluated and aligned to business objectives to be beneficial to the respective organization.

We do this by ensuring that the clients request for proposal (RFP) and specifications is exact match of what to expect from the investment. We emphasize this by studying the organization’s business processes and objectives in depth.

In today’s technological trend, companies are forced to cut cost to become competitive in the market. Companies are moving to cloud computing and others to IT outsourcing rather than expanding their IT departments.

We offer competitive services in IT outsourcing ranging from Telecom systems, computer and systems maintenance, local area networks, wide area network, website and database maintenance. Our service level, response time, integrity and commitment are second to none.