Fixed Asset Management.

The Hardcat Business Services department offers a range of professional consulting services. These include but not limited the follwing areas:

Best Practice Asset Management Consulting

Understanding and identifying exactly what is required before making a business decision is critical. Hardcat can assist organizations in identifying the exact functionality, requirements and technologies that will deliver the solution required before a substantial investment is made.

Documentation of Asset Management Processes

The analysis and development of documentation outlining current asset management processes, further actions and/or procedural workflows.

Asset Management Software Development

The creation of a software requirements specification and the development of specialised software interfaces to improve an organization’s asset management processes.

System Integration

Typically within an organization it is beneficial for numerous systems to interface with each other. This can be analysed and recommendations made regarding the options available.

Asset Data Cleansing

The consistency of an organization’s asset register can deteriorate over time. Hardcat Services can assist in the cleansing and standardization of an existing asset register.