Asset System Integration.

The Hardcat Services team are experts in the Hardcat product and have been specifically trained to assist clients in standardising their asset management information and translating this data into the Hardcat system. The configuration process requires extensive product knowledge and an ability to understand an organizations asset management requirements thoroughly, to ensure that Hardcat is utilised to its full potential.

Practical, “hands-on” service delivery

Training on the Hardcat application is also conducted to provide a detailed and thorough understanding of the Hardcat system and its functionality. Hardcat have specifically designed training sessions in providing vital practical experience to ensure clients are confident with the software. The benefits of this prove invaluable as participants are comfortable and eager to proceed using Hardcat following the training without any further assistance.

Ongoing services to ensure ongoing success

Although Configuration and Training is a standard service for all new systems, it is common for clients to return to Hardcat requesting additional services. Over time it is likely that an organization’s asset management requirements will change. Clients have the ability to modify Hardcat to suit their changing requirements, however it is beneficial to allow an experienced Hardcat consultant to conduct this exercise. This will provide valuable advice and direction along the way to ensure that all requirements and functionality is met. Additional training can also be requested to refresh product knowledge and train new employees.