Infrastructure Auditing.

We support our clients in performing infrastructure auditing and operations services. The changing technological  infrastructure and the manner in which to operate it have led to evolving ways to perform audits and specific reviews of hardware, operating systems, databases, LANs, network operating controls, IS operations, hardware availability, utilization reporting and scheduling.

We assist and help our clients to perform:-

i)     Hardware Reviews

We assist our clients to:-

  • Review the capacity management procedures for hardware and performance evaluation procedures
  • Review the hardware acquisition plan
  • Review the hardware change control

ii)    Operating system reviews

We review the approval process and the software selection procedures to ensure proper alignment with the business objectives. Review the cost-benefit analysis of system software procedures to determine whether they have addressed direct financial cost associated with the product, cost of maintenance, training and technical support maintenance.

iii)    Database reviews

We review the database design, accessibility, administration, interfaces, portability and database supported IS Controls. To ensure the security levels and users roles are identified within the database and also the integrity and confidentiality of data are verified.

iv)     Network infrastructure and implementation reviews

We review controls over network implementation to ensure that the standards are in place for designing  and selecting architecture, and also we ensure that the costs of procuring and operating does not exceed the benefits intended by our clients. We do this by analyzing the network design and topology, network components such as switches and servers, network administration and usage.

v)   Network Operating Controls

We support our clients to ensure that:-

  • Appropriate implementation, conversion and acceptance test plans were developed for the organizations distributed data
  • Implementation and testing plans for the networks hardware and communications links were established
  • Encryption is being used on the network to encode sensitive data
  • Procedures to ensure that the data compatibility are applied properly to all the networks datasets and that the requirements for their security have been determined

vi)    IS Operations Reviews

In this regard we help our clients to reviews several aspects related to file handling procedures, data entry control and computer operations. We do this by ensuring that the IS personnel and controls are in place to support efficiency of operations, adherence to established standards and procedures, policies, adequate supervision, data integrity and security.