Business Continuity Planning.

Business continuity planning is the process of reducing the organization’s business risk arising from an unexpected disruption of the critical functions or operations necessary for the survival of the organizations

Modern businesses cannot avoid all forms of corporate risk or potential damage. A realistic objective is to ensure the survival of an organization by establishing a culture that will identify and manage those risks that could cause it to suffer.

Examples of the corporate risks include

  • Inability to maintain critical customer services
  • Damage to market share, image, reputation and brand
  • Failure to protect the company assets, including intellectual properties and personnel
  • Business control failure
  • Failure to meet legal and regulatory requirements

BCP is primarily the responsibility of Organizations’ senior management. We help organization’s senior management to ensure that the BCP process is developed, delivered and monitored from creation of the business continuity plan, business impact analysis, training and awareness program, testing of the implementation plan and monitoring.