Control Self Assessment [CSA].

We support our clients in performing Control Self Assessment (CSA) for their enterprises. Control self assessment is a management technique that ensures stakeholders, customers and other parties that the internal control system of the business is reliable. It also ensures that employees are aware of the risks to the business and they conduct periodic, proactive reviews of controls. It is a methodology used to review key business objectives, risks involved in achieving the business objectives and internal controls designed to manage these business risks in a formal, documented collaborative process.

We do this by using facilitated workshop and hybrid approach.

Benefits of Control Self Assessment (CSA) are:-

  • Early detection of risks
  • More effective and improved internal controls
  • Creation of cohesive terms through employee involvements
  • Developing a sense of ownership of the controls in the employees and process owners and reducing their resistance to control improvement initiatives
  • Increased employee awareness of organizational objectives and knowledge of risk and internal controls
  • Increased communication between operational and top management
  • Highly motivated employees
  • Improved audit rating process
  • Reduction in control cost
  • Assurance provided to stakeholders and customers