HardCat University Asset Control.

Let Hardcat establish a more productive and positive workplace for your University or institution.

The Hardcat University Asset Utilisation Program has been specifically designed to uncover asset waste and turn it into opportunity. We facilitate superior acquisition and management of assets that results in substantial cost savings.

As we look to more sustainable ways of growing, and to provide a better educational environment for students and staff, we must question whether we are achieving the best use of our available resources.

It has been measured that in most businesses, including universities, 6% of equipment is wasted. For some the figure is even higher. Imagine having a plan to identify and eliminate that waste over the next twelve months? In addition, feel secure in the knowledge that you have the systems and processes to ensure that the assets under the custodianship of the University are properly managed and accounted for into the future.

University Asset Control Benefits expand

  • Identify immediate savings
  • Maximize ongoing savings
  • Allocate savings to new purchases
  • Improved strategic purchasing
  • A competitive vendor process
  • Unlock poorly used space
  • Improved support levels
  • Out-of-hours maintenance
  • Equipment that just works
  • Reinforce the systems already in place
  • Achieve the maximum amount of success possible from the skills, IP and knowledge using fully available assets
  • The program gives you unprecedented control over the whole life-cycle of your equipment.

A vital link in education expand

Your equipment is of vital importance in delivering successful educational outcomes.

By and large, all resources including staff, skills, knowledge and intellectual property rely on assets that are both functioning correctly and available. Even a small unplanned equipment failure can lead to cascading poor outcomes.

Superior assets management shifts the causes of failure away from equipment malfunction to insufficient training or user error; from complicated resolution to simple remedy.


In the competitive world of attracting students, staff and funding dollars, a good reputation is vital. Positive and motivated staff are essential to overall levels of student satisfaction. Staff should meet to discuss future plans and opportunities, not to try to overcome current equipment problems, or worse, to find the blame for past issues. We stop the conversations in the corridor about unavailable equipment or lack of service.

Asset utilisation

Rooms packed with old or unused equipment are a waste of space and money, severely limiting potential. We must aim to utilize 100% capacity of university equipment. Hardcat makes sure it’s where it should be and “It Just Works”.

Reducing Costs

Applying a cradle to grave approach to managing operating costs by employing a strong methodology from acquisition, through maintenance and vendor services to disposal. This way equipment can be managed more cost effectively, less wastefully and achieve better outcomes. We reign in uncoordinated purchasing that leads to substantial long term waste.