HardCat OH&S Incident Manager.

Hardcat OH&S Incident Manager helps organisations to move towards best practice OH&S Incident Management by continually improving the safety of all staff, visitors and contractors on site.

Workplace accidents have the potential to destroy your business. In addition to the risk of Government fines and penalties, lawsuits and negligence claims, they also have a direct impact on workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

According to data provided by Safe Work Australia:

  • A workplace injury occurs every 2.4 seconds
  • Up to one in every 12 workers receive an injury each year that is serious enough to lodge a workers’ compensation claim
  • There are over 2500 work-related deaths annually which is significantly more than road deaths and homicides combined

The Hardcat OH&S Incident Manager is a simple and effective solution which can be used to streamline the administration burden required under State and Federal OH&S regulations.

OH&S Incident Management Features

  • Ability to automate the generation of incident-based reporting
  • Provides date and time stamps for every entry documented in the incident reporting and incident response processes
  • Web based capabilities
  • Affordable, specialist OH&S Incident Recording tool
  • Affordable OH&S Incident Management Tool
  • Escalation
  • Can automatically raise work order in response to incidents
  • Pocket PC compatible
  • Able to accommodate multiple reports on a single incident

OH&S Incident Management Benefits

  • Avoid breaches of the OH&S Act
  • Continually improve safety for everyone who visits your premises
  • Integrate with existing Hardcat modules
  • Dispersed and remote operations via web-based version
  • Supports proactive OH&S Incident Management
  • Eliminate need for cumbersome spreadsheet-based reporting
  • Can assist with self insurance
  • Can assist with litigation
  • Able to accommodate multiple reports on a single incident