HardCat Depreciation and Finance.


Hardcat solutions allow for all asset depreciation, for all types and all cost centres, to be handled in the one system.

While easy to use, Hardcat boasts unparalleled flexibility both in structure and reporting to allow virtually any depreciation scenario to be handled, be it low-value pooling, multiple currencies, etc.

Unlike other depreciation solutions, Hardcat’s structure allows non-depreciable assets such as those under operating leases to be maintained in the same asset database and appear in an asset listing without appearing in the depreciation schedule. It is also possible for other asset register users (eg IT staff, maintenance staff) to have their own asset classification system without affecting the asset type structure set up for depreciation purposes. Advanced security ensures against non-finance staff accidentally changing any financial asset values or structures. As one of our customers said: “Finally, an asset register that keeps both Finance and IT staff happy!”

Key Benefits of the Hardcat Depreciation Solution

  • facilitates compliance with applicable reporting standards such as IAS 16
  • significant cost & time savings on depreciation & revaluation calculations
  • automatic adjustments from previous to current period
  • periods can be closed to retain depreciation values & reopened
  • ‘set’ years can be any time length with up to 13 periods
  • eliminates time & expense of depreciating assets which no longer exist
  • insurance & replacement value update
  • fast, flexible & user friendly!

Depreciation Features

The Depreciation Module links into the Hardcat core system and provides the following advanced features:

  • unlimited number of user definable depreciation sets (most other asset register packages limit the user to book and tax sets only)
  • separate sets may be maintained for depreciation forecasts, historical cost, etc
  • method & rate can be defined by asset type
  • daily percentage rate calculations
  • revaluations by asset type
  • programmed changes to depreciation rate and/or method by asset or type (ideal for low value pooling)
  • facility to handle intangible assets
  • insurance valuation & revaluation reporting
  • asset disposal (including profit/loss on sale and balancing charges)
  • extensive pre-formatted reports
  • user customised reporting
  • flexible periods within each set
  • individual asset override
  • own import/export facility
  • journal export to your General Ledger (no need to maintain a separate depreciation schedule!)

Powerful Depreciation Reporting

Reports specific to depreciation may be run from the Depreciation Module. As with other Hardcat modules, the user can select from our comprehensive list of pre-formatted reports or alternatively create their own custom report formats. All custom report formats can be saved for future use.

Standard reports (available for book, tax or any other user defined depreciation set) include:

  • Depreciation Calculation
  • Period Depreciation (by asset type, cost centre or location, in summary, detailed or total form)
  • YTD Reconciliation (by asset type, cost centre or location, in detailed or total form)
  • Depreciation Exclusion List
  • End Of Year Rollover
  • Depreciation Set Configuration